Reflective Journal

Personal Learning and Reflection

This is my first experience of designing any online course as i have created the online website this was very difficult for me to create website. I have learn from my precious courses in btech and some points from my digital learning lectures.Then I choose ADDIE model and start implementing the course.In my course i have explain the basic knowledge of computer networks its topologies, Networks architecture and Network Communication Technology. This course is very beneficial for us as we have learn many new things in this course such how to create blogs, work on wikieducator.

Technology and Technical Learning


Teaching and Learning Effectiveness

This course contain the course content is very easy and gives the knowledge of computer networks. By this students can learn about basic knowledge of computer networks.

Possible Improvement and Future Extension

In the future to improve the course i will add some videos and more information regarding this course.

Project Plan

                            Topic  Date
1. Overview 11 April 2016
2. Audience 14 April 2016
3. Learning outcome 18 April 2016
4 Three possible solutions 22 April 2016
5. Identify preferred solution 25 April 2016
6. For preferred solution explain the learning needs of the target audience 28 April  2016
7 Methodology 2 May 2016
8 Preliminary Design 5 May 2016
9 List of objectives 7 May 2016
10 Topics 7 May 2016
11. Computer network


9 May 2016
12 Types of Computer Network


11 May 2016
13 Network Topologies


16 May 2016
14 Network Architecture


20 May 2016
15 Network Communication Technology


 22 May 2016


Online Courseware

Assessed Activity 8.1

Online course of Java Programming Language

  • There are many online courses i have choose online course of java programming.
  • The above shows the introduction to the Java Programming language and it provide the information of Java Programming Language.
  • In this link you can have different types to coding for different program. It includes the whole course and provide chapters to learn Java. The person who want to learn Java can easily learn Java Programming language the person have to just clink on the link of chapter and then follow the instructions.

Assessed Activity 8.2

1. Learning from the course

  • By this course I have learn so much things about the Digital learning Technology. As there are many cloud tools and various website through which we can learn online.
  • In this course i have learn about the Pedagogies, online leaning, Web 2.0 and MOOC.
  • Digital Learning Technologies help me to learn about many new things such as online learning concept, Storage spaces as Dropbox, Google drive.

2.Learning Experience

Learning Digital Learning Technology is very good experience for me as  have learn so many things from this course as how to make blogs, wiki pages. As with course i was familiar with man things and new cloud tools as i worked practically so this is beneficial for me and this course is also beneficial for me in future

3. Improvements

This course is good for students but i think there should be some group discussion so that student can share their ideas and they also learn how to work in a team. As by this more students can communicate with one another.

Thanks to all of you as you all gave your precious time to comment on my blog. Feeling good by this course i have learn many things.




Assessed Activity 7.1

7.1.1 – Linked -in account

My linkedin account:

7.1. 2Google Site

My google site link :

7.1.4 E Portfolio

Electronic Portfolio is electronic pattern used by students to note their work, goals and their documents. E portfolio  is also useful to reflect their learning. Students can also share their resources and information to receive their feedback. E portfolio is also helpful for the students to represent their data in different pattern. E portfolio is a collection of different types of data such as images, text and other data.

E portfolio technology enables the utilization of scope of media such as sound, videos, images along with this text to show both the learning procedure and last items.


Assessed Activity Week 8.1

8.1.1 Cloud Tool

I have choose Dropbox cloud tool.

8.1.4 Storage Service Dropbox:

Dropbox is used to store different types of data. Dropbox can be freely access by downloading the app on the windows and mobile. Basically Dropbox have 2GB space to store the files. If you want to store more data or want more space to store your data then there is option for you that you can earn more space. In the Dropbox pro you can Subscribe monthly or annually. Dropbox pro can include 1 TB space and additional have more features.

Dropbox Business is used by company and groups. On the size of your team pricing is depend. For the non profit and other educational institutes they provide offers to them.

  • Firstly, you have to create an account on the Dropbox, and allow the users to create an folder to your connected devices so that unauthorized person are not allowed to access the data.
  • The Dropbox is online storage service that is used to store photos, Documents, videos and other files.
  • By providing the link to Dropbox folder you can shared data with other person.
  • For the Windows, Linux and other operating system the Dropbox application is available and for IPhone, IPad, Android and blackberry devices there are app for these devices.
  • Dropbox application can store 300,000 files.
  • Dropbox is a place where you can safely backup your data and after that if you want to access then you can access it from any device with your login password.
  • Dropbox is very easy process to share files with other person such as your business colleagues and with your team members in any organization.
  • Dropbox gives updates that who has access to it when file is added or deleted from shared folder.
  • Dropbox is very easy to access from the different devices such as Desktop access, Online access, Mobile access.

Personal Experience

Dropbox is very beautiful app that I am using to store  my data. I have stored my important data in Dropbox as photos, videos and my previous training projects. It is really a awesome service.

How to Use

Digital learning helps  me to learn many things. I have use Dropbox to share my PowerPoint presentation as it is large in size and not able to send from email as Email access small amount of data, so then i use Dropbox to share that slides with my colleagues. Dropbox is also secure.



Pedagogies & Mobile Learning


It is a method that deal with the method and process of education. It is a process that help us to how best to teach. It is a teaching profession and science of education.

Learning Online:

It is a method to share the educational information on the internet without going in the classroom. There are many different online application available on the internet. Many students want to study online courses they can find many opportunities available online. Learning environment is changing continuously  and it also represent  a great opportunity for learning. Online learning is so effective as it helps the student to complete their homework quickly in an efficient way.


Online tools for learning:

YouTube: It is very fantastic tool that helps you to learn how to do just about anything on the YouTube. It is key learning resource and Place for anyone to share its own views.

Google : It is a E-Learning tool that we all ever need  It is a tool that we all use on the daily basis for work or schools for search any information.

Google docs: You can use Google docs for Personal documents to make a spread sheet along with this we can also share with others.

PowerPoint: It is key that we all use to make a slides for presentation or as well as for e-learning content.

Online Learning Experience

Mine online experience is when i was on the job and my team leader asked me to create a report and make all the diagram by own and not to copy from anywhere at that time i have used a different software visual paradigm to draw the diagram. It is such a great software to make a diagrams.



Week 4: Social Technologies, Connected media & Extending wikis/blogs

Hi guys

I have made my wiki page with some updates I have share different web 2.0 and its tools.

Mediawiki Activity 4.2

1.APA Reference

2. Pedagogical Template

3.Syntax Highlighter – Using syntax highlighter, one can provide formatting to the source code in many programming languages.




Digital Learning Technologies

Manukau Institute of Technology

The Manukau institute of technology is a government institute. This offers different courses to student. There are many different courses available at different level such as Engineering, Baking, Hairdressing, Accounting, Sales and Marketing etc and along with this many short courses are also available. There are many digital learning technologies used by university:

Hardware: There are many hardware devices used in the university to learn the digital technology. Computer, laptops , Projectors,library, are hardware devices that are used for digital learning.

Software: Today there are many online websites to learn digital technologies. Many Article, Ebooks, Blogs, Wikipedia, Videos, Presentation are used for digital learning to get efficient resources.

Application: There are many software application available to learn digital technology such as powerpoint, word , tumlr, etc.

Assessed Blog Post 3.2


Assessed Blog Activity 3.3

As we all know that many new technologies are developing day by day so the lectures in the college to know and go through with the new technologies so that they can deliver a attractive lecture to the student by using different digital technologies.

Basic Skills

  • Lecturers must have to make the presentation for the students.
  • Create online platform for student to create blogs and wikis.
  • Create the video of lecture data information.
  • To give  lecture use social bookmarking to share resources.

Intermediate Skills

  • Use blogging sites to deliver lecture
  • Use web content for student learning.
  • Create the digital images for lecture use.
  • To acquire amazing ideas use online stick notes.

Advanced Skills

  • Evaluate authentic web based content
  • Create the digital audio and video.
  • Use polling software to review in the class.
  • Create quizzes by using the digital assessment tool.



Hey Guys

I have create my wikipage : .

This is my user page link :

My first experience for creating wiki page was very disturbing. After a long time i was able to create my page. Then i felt great and now i felt that it a great opportunity to learn many new things. Now I know that this will help me to get attractive evidence about the new growing technology.


Hii All,

Hope you all enjoyed alot in the Easter break. I would like to share my experience of my visit in the Auckland Botanic Garden. There are beautiful Flowers and collection of different types of plants. It is full of greenery. It is very beautiful I enjoyed alot there.

botanic gardenIMG_0463







I am Poonam Bawa. I am from Moga Punjab, India. I have done my matriculation from CBSE Board then i have done diploma in Computer Science and Technology. After that I have Completed my Bachelors in Computer Science and Technology.

In my Family we are 4 members including me. My father Mr. Resham Dass he is a site Incharge in Thermal Plant. My Mother Mrs. Sapna she is housewife. My younger brother is in 9 class.

As coming to my Strength my strength is my Parents. My hobby is listening music. After completing Bachelors i choose to do Graduate Diploma in Information Technology in Eastern Institute of Technology , Auckland So now i am here to complete my course. now As we know that IT sector is very developing sector many new technologies are developing day by day so this is very beneficial for me.

Poonam Bawa.